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moda con responsabilidad ambiental y sin tintes tóxicos


Amyt is a 100% ecological clothing brand directed to a young public. If you keep reading, you will discover more information about our philosophy.

Amyt was born as a result of a reality in which a whole generation of young professionals is having the necessity of emigrating so as to look for a proper and fair future and, on top of that the feeling of being valued.

Furthermore, one of our main ideas is the following one: Nowadays and keeping in mind the sort of lifestyle that is running among the members of the society, a sustainable lifestyle should be an obligation and not an option. Because of that, we want to try to make our small contribution by using 100% organic materials that are made ensuring that all the workers involved in the creations of the clothes have a dignified salary and that no children are involved in the those one.

We are a newly-made clothing brand and we still must grow and improve a lot of things through attitude, hard work and commitment.


Adrián Acedo Quintanar
Creative Administrator and Events Manager

Alberto López Alonso
Financial Administrator and Head Administrative

equipo fundador de amyt ropa orgánica


Our designs emulate nature, being this idea captured in every of our products and showed by by the esquematic line of the fract, the reflect and the emotion and feelings.

camiseta amyt atemporal y elegante
tak negra sudadera ecológica
sudadera negra y camiseta verde - moda sostenible
Moda sostenible camiseta blanca
detalle sudadera TAK con huella ecológica
sudadera negra algodón orgánico - TAK
cool choice Be green
Land modelo camiseta sostenible
sudadera ecológica negra unisex - TAK

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