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156000g/C02 Saved


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Why Organic Cloting?

Textile industry is one of the most polluting ones in the planet. This is a sector that is leaving behind it an ecological and human trace that is unsustainable.

Therefore Amyt is an organic clothing brand whose aim is taking small but strong steps by using organic and certified materials which proves that, during the manufacturing process of each organic item, workers have got a decent salary and proper working conditions. On top of that, those accreditations prove that no children is involved in any kind of process.


Which ones are our certifications?

Our products are certified by Fair Wear Foundation, a non-lucrative organization which works with besides brands, factories, syndicates, NGO, and governments, so as to verify and improve the working conditions of all the manufacturing workers over 11 countries in Asia, Europe and Africa.

Our products are also certified by Confidence in Textiles, which certifies that all our items follow responsible steps of production and fabrication. Furthermore, this organization ensures that our materials are fully organic.

At the same time, we are recognised by the leisure and sustainable community, Ecovamos, also by Organic Blended.


Organic Clothing has a very nice story to tell

Amyt’s role is not only the duty of offering a sustainable alternative of products to the society, but also the desire of developing actions for raising awareness through talks and formation workshops around different institutions and organizations.

In our blog, located in this website, you will be able to check some of the talks and discussions in which we have participated.


Sustainable and Cuantifiable fashion

Finally, for making our words a reality, in Amyt we have fit outa CO2 meter for showing the amount of CO2 that we save every moment.

Thus, this meter shows the amount of CO2 that have been stopped from being sent to the atmosphere per each sold t-shirt. This is because, as a result of our responsible fabrication, we can stop sending out to the atmosphere a huge and extremely significative amount of CO2 in comparing with another methods of intensive manufacturing.